Those little chocolate things

Created by matthew 10 months ago

Firstly, our hearts go out to David and all

of Lena’s family at this most devasting time 💚

ive has the pleasure of knowing Lena ever since meeting David through work a few years back and all three of us quickly formed a strong freindship.

Every Xmas my family would receive a beaituful hamper with all kinds of goodies in it. However, alongside  the hamper there was always a little tupperware box.

At first, being totally honest, compared to the hamper , all beautifully wrapped , we were a little biit underwhelmed.

Then we opened the tupperware box.

Oh my gosh. Those little chocolate things!!

Inside , the most wonderful chocolate coconut squares ever known to man.


My wife , Kerry always used to say ‘me and the girls cant wait fo get Lena and Davids hamper’ and i used to say ‘those little chocolate things’

Lena also used to send aloe lip balm oils for my daughters too.

Once she knew that we loved her chocolates, every time she came to see us in Birmingham, she bought boxes of them.

Lena was aways so kind, generous and caring.

We will miss her greatly 


God Bless

Matt Kerry Olivia and Eva Elwell