Tanja October 15th, 2021

For over twenty years, Lena was a loyal friend, wise and supportive and always brave to speak her truth, no matter how challenging it might be for others to hear. However, this was always done lovingly and with wisdom to help others grow and progress in their lives. Lena was like the 'substitute mother' when I needed help (or when she thought, often rightly, that I needed help, even if I disagreed)I. I will always remember my funny, kind, uncompromising and overly generous friend, who was always more willing to give than receive. I cherish the hundreds of memoroes and hold dear the gifts she gave me when I saw her in July before leaving the UK. We will all follow behind one way or another, when it is our time to cross the veil. Lena, can I please pay for the next cappuccino on the other side (or the next life if there are no cafes around where you are)? I still owe you a few... 😉 Always remembering tthe good times! Tanja